How Footwear Affects Back Pain

How Footwear Affects Back Pain

Wearing the appropriate shoes for many people, can be a tangled web of hard decision making.  Which shoe will grant out the best support for all the various activities a person does?  Some sneakers are made for walking, running, and some are made especially for working out at the gym.  There are so many different varieties of footwear that a person can buy that will either do good or harm the structure of one’s feet.  A lot of the times, it’s too late to know if a shoe is doing you good until you begin to feel the discomfort of it’s expression.  The way we walk throughout the years, and not only what we put on our feet can definitely cause conditions such as sciatica, out of line discs, and other spine disorders.  Today, we are going to be looking into how footwear will affect back pain.

Understanding What’s Going On

Keep in mind that to step appropriately, the foot should come down to the ground, hitting the heel first.  After that, your arch should roll inward, bringing the ball of your feet, as well toes on the ground so you will be able to push off for another step.  Not having the correct footwear on can absolutely affect how a person takes their regular steps.  You could even develop a condition called underpronation and this will happen when a person’s arches don’t roll in enough.  This could also result in insufficient shockwave absorption.  Keep in mind that when a person’s feet do not absorb shocks, a person’s spine will then be jolted.  What will this lead to?  Well, when a person’s spine is jolted, it could very well lead to a likely herniation of one’s disc, as well other various spine problems. 

Another condition that could lead from wearing the wrong footwear is a condition by the name of Overpronation and this happens when the arches roll a little bit too far in.  This, unbelievably, could lead to your whole lower physique rotating inward.  The actual chain response of bone, as well muscle movement and this type of condition will cause an amplified strain on a person’s lower back.  You should take into consideration that any type of high heel isn’t great for your feet because high heels can throw off your alignment, adding extra stress, as well strain on a person’s lower back.  Don’t think that you can get away with flipping around with flip flops during the summer because these shoes are so extremely flat that the lack of support can lead to heel pain, arch pain, as well ankle and knee pain.

What Are the Best Shoes for Back Pain?

That’s a great question because we all need to be wearing the correct footwear for our daily functionalities.  Below in a listing format, we are going to be providing out some of the best and worst types of footwear when it comes to back pain.

  • High Heels:  Although they are very pretty, high heels are so bad for your back pain and it will tend to get worse if you already suffer with back pain to begin with.  The higher the heel on the shoe will essentially cause you to walk with your back bent and place added pressure upon your knees.  All of this will lead to the worsening of your back pain.
  • Flats:  Flat shoes or ballet flats are the one leading cause of back pain when it comes to status quo, bad shoes.  Unbelievably, but flat shoes can cause 25{fff707ae42ef306912f73c8128f67a8df50678b90f429db0ae40d2633a642e8c} more impact on your back than high heels!  Why is this?  Well, it’s because most flats have been made with thin material, in which do not offer support to a person’s natural arch.
  • Running Shoes:  In general, running shoes are amazing for back pain because they have been designed for running, supporting that natural arch, and so on.  Most running shoes will offer out a mesh cushion for that extra support as well.  Running shoes have been designed to give your natural arch more of a cushion when walking or running, giving you that natural spring to your walk or run.

Any Shoe with Support:  This will cover many different types of shoes and it’s hard to select just one shoe and tell you to go with it because there are support sandals, support clogs, and so much more!  What you need to know is that any shoe with a natural arch and support for the whole foot is needed to keep your knees and back in great shape.  If you’re more into wearing high heels, you do not need to never go over the two-inch mark, as this will add extra pressure on your back and knees

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